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Bad Reviews 02/23/2013
This restaurant sucks. It took 85 minutes since I orders. The service is bad and the food is Terrible. The order didn't come with the chopsticks or forks. Qinyi, ordered 18 times
Bad Reviews 09/03/2012
Delivery guy didn't want to deliver to my door. Had to come down. What is the delivery and tip for then? I could have walked to the restaurant instead. Driss, ordered 152 times
Great Reviews 07/22/2012
Best in the city by my taste buds. YUM. Jesse, ordered 17 times
Ok Reviews 02/23/2012
I use to order from here all the time. Very disappointed that their prices have increased so much, and they reduced their portions. Not sure if it's under new ownership. Use to be my go to Thai spot...sigh, not anymore. Melissa, ordered 112 times
Bad Reviews 02/11/2012
I ordered simple veggies. it tasted like simple veggies with chili sauce dumped in. too spicy. too boring. just didnt taste good. Sharon, ordered 26 times
Ok Reviews 11/21/2011
Food was good, but delivery took a while (ordered at 8pm, delivered at 9:20pm). Nilar, ordered 46 times
Great Reviews 11/02/2011
As stated before, I love Modern Thai. Recently tried to Pumpkin Curry and was blown away yet again. A must try! Delivery is always decent, food temp warm or chilled perfectly. christopher, ordered 300 times
Great Reviews 02/09/2011
Some of the best Thai in the neighborhood (and there are many). They have great coconut shrimps that the nearby restaurants don't. Very fresh and tasty food. Plus they deliver a little later than the competition! Charles, ordered 128 times <span class="review_date body_text" style="margin-left:30px;">Restaurant Owner Response:</span><br> <span class="review_text body_text">Thank you very much for the good review</span>
Great Reviews 06/30/2010
Good food - have been ordering from them for years. Lots of items on the menu that I like. Crispy Tofu Salad is so delicious, I order it every-time. Would recommend you try at least once. Melissa, ordered 112 times <span class="review_date body_text" style="margin-left:30px;">Restaurant Owner Response:</span><br> <span class="review_text body_text">Thank you very much for the good review.</span>
Bad Reviews 06/16/2010
Eating cardboard would be better than this. Cardboard isn't SUPPOSED to be good. Paul, ordered 135 times
Ok Reviews 03/23/2010
I used to get Thai House Express on Geary all the time but they don't deliver. Modern Thai is perhaps even better than T.H.E. and the DO deliver! Plus they have things like coconut shrimp and satay that T.H.E. doesn't. They take a little while to deliver (for being like 3 blocks from my apt.) but the food is always great and pretty reasonably priced. This has become our new regular Thai place. Charles, ordered 128 times
Great Reviews 02/22/2010
I had a large order for a meeting of 12 people. They were a bit late but our building is a bit confusing to find, so if you are hard to find be sure to either adjust your delivery time or give a bit of a grace period. They were very friendly, helpful, and the food was fantastic. I heard rave reviews from our guests. I'd definitely use them again. Crystal, ordered 1 times
Ok Reviews 12/31/2009
I love their green curry, it's the best I've ever had. Also love the tom kha soup. I wasn't so thrilled with the duck curry I ordered. I didn't like the red curry so much and there was hardly any duck in my curry (which is actually the norm in Thai restaurants it seems, but I hoped Modern Thai would not be so stingy). They also charge too much for a tiny portion of rice. Elizabeth, ordered 8 times
Bad Reviews 07/25/2009
its been 70 minutes since I ordered. I called and was told the driver left 30min ago. Think this is my last order here. Might still go there, but going to stop ordering delivery. shawn, ordered 7 times
Great Reviews 06/21/2009
Modern Thai is great. Delivery has been fast and the food has always been good. Spring Rolls & pinapple rice are my favorites. Resonable prices too shawn, ordered 7 times
Great Reviews 12/11/2008
I have ordered from them 3-4 times and each time it is delicious! It is usually a very speedy delivery (20 minutes or less, granted, I live 8 blocks away), veggies are very fresh, and it truly is a modern take on Thai food. Only problem is that I always ask for additional peanuts and hot sauce and have never received them. Megan, ordered 27 times
Great Reviews 10/13/2008
Modern Thai is rather delicious, and it is great that they deliver. I suggest the coconut shrimp and red curry. Stay away from the Tom Yum soup. jonathan, ordered 90 times
Great Reviews 06/25/2008
The food was great but a little bit expensive for Thai food in San Francisco. Margaret, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 06/10/2008
Hey, People. Try Modern Thai food. I garantee you will love it. chimgee, ordered 1 times
Ok Reviews 04/29/2008
Better Thai food than Chai-yo, with larger portions. Eggplant Tofu was very tasty. A bit surprised that rice is $1.50 per serving (pricey!). If they hadn't taken 55 minutes to deliver the food, then I think I would have given another star. Next time, I hope they double bag the order. We had three entrees and three orders of rice in a single plastic bag that was about to break any second. Chai-yo's food may not be as good, but at least it gets delivered in a nice paper bag with handles. diana, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 04/13/2008
The food was excellent, but the driver forgot my rice and called me back within 5 minutes to tell me he would bring me the forgotten rice. He offered a very nice apology when he brought the forgotten rice order to me. I highly recommend the food here and I will eat here again! Bernie, ordered 99 times
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